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Home Inspections

  • Residential SFR
  • Multi-family
  • Commercial
  • FLIR Imaging Included

Residential Home Inspection Types

A residential home inspection is a crucial part of the real estate purchase process. If a problem is discovered, it’s good to have an experienced contractor in the conversation to keep expectations real.

We also perform multi-family, condominium and commercial real estate inspections. As a contractor, we can discuss options with the buyer about mitigating issues, but we cannot offer services or suggest contractors. Maintaining ethics and integrity is among our highest priorities. We invite real estate agents and buyers to be a part of the inspection process, in an effort to fully inform the buyer and understand the report. At the end of the inspection the buyer will have a realistic understanding of their new home!

Commercial Inspections

We have built and restored many commercial structures, which is how we have the experience necessary to uncover potential problems during a commercial real estate acquisition. Whether the buyers are present or absent, they are presented a succinct report in a timely manner. There are usually follow up discussions of whatever the inspection reveals and Jim Overhulser is a trusted advisor.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Many insurance companies offer a discount on your premium if your home is certified to have been mitigated against wind damage. We provide “Wind-Mit” inspections to the standards of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Your real estate and insurance agents will probably raise this issue with you if you are purchasing a home.

Four-Point Inspections

We offer a Four-Point inspection that focuses on the Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC systems of the home. This can help prove the insurability of your home of identify potential problems.

What is FLIR?

FLIR is a brand name of high-quality infrared imaging. With most inspections it’s an added cost of $75-$100, but with Alan & Lee it’s included at no extra charge.

What does this service tell us? It will show us very slight temperature changes on surfaces and on equipment. A slight water leak not visible to the naked eye will show as a temperature variance. Poor insulation or other heat losses or gains will be evident as well.

Perhaps the most important issue routinely discovered with FLIR is electrical overheating. FLIR imaging of the electric panel and a general scan of outlets and fixtures can tell us what is heating up. No one wants an electrical fire, and this might help discover the beginning of an issue. As with any inspection, and even with the best inspection equipment, no one can guarantee latent problems won’t escalate, but we can look closely and perhaps prevent a catastrophe.

Other Inspections

Our broad range of experience means we can offer inspections and written reports for many other situations. Just ask and we can help!

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